Cleaning Vinyl Siding and Pressure Washing

Both pressure and power washing involve basically the same basic procedure of pumping high-pressure water onto a rough or pebbled surface in the hope of cleaning it thoroughly. And yet you’re likely to still hear folks using the terms interchangeably. The main difference is the pressure washing requires much more power than pressure washing. With power washing, the water isn’t hot or warm. This means that the process can take much longer.

Power Washing

Pressure washing also involves a higher use of detergents and cleaning solutions as well as more water and energy to complete the job. However, all of that extra power doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With more power washing equipment, you can produce an easier, more thorough clean with greater consistency – meaning fewer cleaning solutions necessary. That means you’ll spend less time and money on everything from soft washing to steam cleaning!

Both methods can give your home a deep clean that’s much more effective than just using regular soap and water to clean surfaces. You can purchase power washing equipment that’s specifically designed to clean vinyl siding or pressure washing trucks. The difference is that with the former you have the option to use a variety of high-quality detergents and cleaning solutions. You can even find truck mount pressure washing units that will easily fit onto the front of any truck without the need for any external plumbing. For most homeowners, the convenience and cost benefits of pressure washing far outweigh the hassle and labor required to perform this task using traditional methods.

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