Fence and Deck Pressure Washing
Can Enhance the Look of Your House

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Your deck and fence are always exposed to the elements and require regular maintenance that can ensure their longevity. Decks need to be pressure washed thoroughly at least once a year. This will give your deck a new life and, preserve its integrity and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Deck Pressure Washing

To clean your deck you will need to start with first clearing the area of every item of furniture or other things that you have on it. Then get hold of a broom and sweep the entire area clean. Dust and leaves from the trees in your garden will have collected on it, and need to be removed, especially from the nooks and crannies where dust tends to accumulate. While you can always get a hold of a Pensacola deck pressure washing service to carry out the work, you can try to do it yourself. If you want to try this yourself, it is important that you adjust your pressure washer to lower pressure settings. Keep the nozzle a few feet away from the surface that you are cleaning. Concentrate on areas that show the most problems. However, it is probably best that you hire a deck pressure washing company to do the job.

Power Washing A Fence - Fence Pressure Washing

Deck Cleaning For Stains and Stubborn Spots

You can use a gentle cleaning solution with warm water to deal with the stains and stubborn spots on your deck. Liquid dish soap will do just as well, or you can also go down to your nearest home depot and ask for specialty cleaners for wood decks.  Saturate the surface with the solution you are using and then use a brush with stiff bristles or even a sponge, till you have worked up a lather. Allow this to stand for 10 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. Your deck is now cleaned, and fit for use again once it has properly dried up. This may also be a good time to apply a sealer to the deck before you start putting the furniture back again.

Cleaning Your Fence

It is likely you will have shrubs and bushes close to your fence, and these must be covered before you start cleaning the fence. Now make a cleaning solution with warm water and household bleach, along with some mild soap. Clean the fence with this solution after you have brushed it down to remove any dry dirt. Concentrate on areas that are stained. Now you can use your garden hose to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. Allow the fence to dry, and check it for any damage that may need repairs.

You now have your deck and fence in the condition that will add to the well-maintained look of your home. If you are looking for a fence and deck pressure washing service to handle this task for you, call us at Let It Shine Exteriors. 

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