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Pressure Washing Service in Pensacola
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DIY Pressure Washing YOUR home?
Get Ready to get Wet!

Your house isn’t just dirty. It’s actually infected with microscopic growth which has developed an outer shell to protect itself from UV exposure. This allows for it to continue its life-cycle of growth, through decay, self-perpetuation of nutrient bases, and continued feeding. Because we are located in such a warm and moist region, we will have consistent ongoing problems with organic growth and staining.

Let It Shine Exteriors exclusive Soft Wash (low pressure) house washing service is a safer, better way to wash your home. Soft washing is the preferred alternative to pressure washing. Our specialized methods utilize direct positive injection and real-time blending.

The alternative (high pressure), causes damage to your home, and we simply don’t think it’s worth the risk. Instead, we utilize our soft washing technique and meticulous attention to detail to get those picture-perfect results. Your house is an asset and investment, so there is no need to risk damaging it by introducing pressure anywhere on it!

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