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Spring cleanings shouldn’t just mean ridding your closet of old clothes. They should include caring for your house’s exterior with roof and outer wall maintenance. This external care can only go so far without gutter management that keeps water damage from affecting your home’s entire structure.

Prevent hurricanes, tornados, and other heavy rainstorms from weighing down your roof and clogging your drainage system. Our Let It Shine Exteriors team protects your home with quality gutter cleaning in Pensacola, FL.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Our professional team visits many Pensacola residents every three to four months for deep gutter cleaning. Calling an expert at least every six months allows your gutters to withstand all forces of nature.

If a recent heavy storm struck your neighborhood, ask yourself the following before calling us.

Are My Gutters Dirty or Overflowing?

Storms don’t just come with lashing rain. High winds pick up dirt and debris, knocking leaves and sticks from overhead trees into your drainage system. If little runoff comes from the downspout that redirects water from your home, these materials have clogged your vents.

Without anywhere for the water to go, the gutters along your roof overflow, causing dirty water to spill onto the rooftop and exterior house walls. Only a gutter cleaning in Pensacola, FL, restores optimal flow.

Are My Gutters Sagging?

If you leave your gutters clogged for long periods, the buildup of gunk and grime continuously places more strain on the system. Each time it rains, you’ll have the added pressure from stagnant water weighing down the gutters, creating a sagging effect.

Sagging deteriorates the material and disconnects the drainage vents, which requires expensive repairs from a gutter cleaning service.

Is Growth Forming?

Seeds settle into this dirt and moisture-filled compartment, causing weed and wildflower growth. The dense foliage pushes against the downspout’s walls, resulting in cracks and seam-splitting.
Mold and mildew also rapidly take over your system and jeopardize your air since clogs retain moisture long after a storm.

Cleaning Your Gutters Helps with More Than Drainage

Gutter cleaning in Pensacola, FL does more than protect your drainage system. It helps:

Redirect water from your roof: It keeps water from seeping under shingles and rotting your roof’s wooden structure, which creates ceiling leaks.

Prevent pest infestations: Damp places like clogged gutters are ideal breeding grounds for insects that eventually enter your home.

Bar flooding: Water that doesn’t run through the downspout goes down the side of your home, leaking through windows, doors, and even your foundation. Alongside water stains, you’ll have basement flooding.

Get a Clean Start with Let It Shine Exteriors!

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